Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back to School Year One (2007)

My goodness, it has been a long year! Long, yet fast. I just survived my first year back in school. I know i said i was going to have stuff posted frequently so people could view my progress as i went through my classes...but, it's me and there's never any time!

This is going to be a huge dump showcasing what i've done and learned thus far. It has been a rollercoaster of a first year, but i'm still standing. Who would think art would take so much focus, energy, and be so technical. But, it is and it's harder than the average person can imagine. I pretty much go to school, do homework, eat when I can, and then sleep. There is no time for tv watching, vegging, or breaks between projects. Each of my classes demands at least 20 hours per week, sometimes 40-50 hours.
Anyway, enough blather and on to the work....

Spring 2007-
Beginning Drawing

Shoe Drawing


(charcoal with kneaded eraser)

Fall 2007 - Intermediate Drawing (painting)

"A Night in the Joker's Den"
Black and White Rendering
70 hours

Color Rendering
50 hours


Jackie said...

my, my, my... a year back in school and she's got the panties on the poker table already. did you say you were back in art school?! (just kidding, this stuff really rocks! can't wait to see more of it!)

Jezzka said...

hey, stop your whining, no one told you to go back to eating ramen noodles and drinking with underage delinquents again...oh wait I may have told you to go back to school...hmm, well your work here clearly speaks for itself, so when you land that job at L&M you can blame me for making going back to school sound like a good idea...

Jezzka said...

Oops. ILM. Just don't go over to Disney, if you do, just stay on the Pixar side, not the mickey mouse side. Mickey Mouse sold his soul to satan when he made Beauty and the Beast the musical on ice.

Karin said...

Wow! I had no idea that art classes required that many hours! Makes you wish for a simple class of textbooks and exams eh?

I love your work! I'm a new fan! Now when people ask me what kind of art I like, I can say that I'm into Steph Dere.

keep it coming...