Tuesday, March 3, 2009

30 Second Film - "The Vacation"

This animation is in 2D - all pencil and paper animation. I probably did close to 800 drawings for this film, and probably a little more than that if I include deleted sequences. It was a lot of work, but a great experience. I tried to use a character that I would have fun animating and I did :) Enjoy!


Miles Dulay said...

I enjoyed this animation..It shows how determine you are as an artist..so much drawings and so much love. Thanks for your wonderful comments you have given me, I appreciate them =).

Angela Lo said...

And the Annie Award for
Best Animated Short Subject goes to...
STEPH DERE! for "The Vacation"!
whooo hoo!!
hehe, but seriously like Miles already pointed out, your effort really shows and it's awesome ^____^

(and well on a side note, not that it's important or anything, but... uh you didn't include me in the credits T___T *sniff sniff*)

Jezzka said...

yeah where is my name in the credits? should read best friend listening to all my gripes about turning forty. hee hee.

Janet Groza said...

Steph! this turned out really well. I know how much time this must have taken and your tenacity shines through! You're an inspiration to us all... ;)

Miles Dulay said...

Sttteppppphhhh....I want to see some of ur vis dev work!!!! Waiting for an update = )