Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Quick character design inspired by some Shakespearean swordplay (see below). I wanted to do an animal the entire semester and we finally had an opportunity to do whatever we wanted, so I picked a traveling troubadour Pine Marten. Still have a few things I want to fix for polish, but this is the preliminary.

poor Aidan...


Jezzka said...

Oh my holy hell, i can not stop laughing! is this what you're going to be like in your old age?!

when both our families throw us in the retirement homes, i see you are going to put up a fight for your pudding cup. if i make it to eighty, i am going to kick your ass!


great video, i am going to give you hell for it when i see you!

steph dere said...

wow...I still can't get past 'holy hell', haha!