Friday, December 18, 2009

Moby Dick in Sri Lanka

ok, I'm finally adding some new stuff. sorry for the wait...I know some of you are tired of those damn giraffes...

This is a sequel assignment to Moby Dick where Ahab's heir (I chose a daughter) becomes obsessed in avenging her father's death. Ahab's daughter, Captain Ashoka, has been searching for Moby for years at a time and is about to give up...when she sees something. Little does she know that her crew is about to mutiny against her.

* May have to wait for video to fully buffer before viewing.
** These are moment sequences to a larger plotline.

"The Sighting"

"The Capture"

(what can I say....I tried, haha!)


jezzka said...

your chipmunk voice is hilarious, even though that is how you normally talk, only pip squeakier, like when you get excited over newly discovered cheese or bacon flavored products. you should consider putting a vo demo reel together. i brought my mics.

i could animate you as a mushroom stump and it would be hilarious.

steph dere said...

thanks, jess! It's inspired by you ;)

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