Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Blocks for Ghana Project

"Sweet Dreams"
Acrylic, Pen, Gesso

The Picture Book Project Foundation and The Hopkins Foundation present "Art Blocks for Ghana" A Charity Art Auction (Original Works) Created by the Top Artists in the Animation and Illustration Community to help build a Children's Home in Ghana. March 2011. If you would like to see more work from other artists and find out more about the charity, please go to:

This was my contribution to the project. The theme was 'home', whatever 'home' felt to us. I decided comfort, things I grew up with, and my cat sleeping next to me were very familiar memories of home and still exist for me today. It was actually a little challenging because the wood was so porous, I had some difficulty with the pen bleeding a bit; this was only difficult because my negative space was defined by the plain wood
. It was something new I wanted to try and it was a great experiment. Despite the challenges, I think it came very close to what I wanted. I hope it will make someone happy, a very fun project! :)

Some process photos:


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Laura Kasacough said...

I just went to the showing of the art blocks for Ghana last night, and I have to say, I loved your piece!

Steph Dere said...

oh! Thanks so much Laura! I don't think I saw this until now. Thank you for writing :)

Steph Dere said...

oh! Thanks so much Laura! I don't think I saw this until now. Thank you for writing :)