Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Page of Wands

Page of Wands for Beasts and Beats Gallery show! Page of Wands represents being creative, fearless, enthusiastic, and a go-getter. I used an otter to express the playfulness and vitality the card represents. Mucha was definitely the inspiration for the style of painting, I felt the style would work well for a tarot theme.Gallery show information is below...come check it out!! :)

Gallery show info:
Saturday, April 7th @ Public Works SF

Art/Music show featuring ALL ORIGINAL work by some of San Francisco's most talented artists. $5 Before 10:30PM / $8 After // 21+


Priscilla Wong said...

Love it Steph Dere!!!

MancerBear said...


This is a brilliant interpretation of the Page of Wands. I have to ask, are you working on a Tarot deck, because I think you would do an amazing job of it.

Darren Bulmer